We are Sanchin.


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How we work.

Get Started

1 Students sign-up for a weekly class locally through their community education system or parks and recreation, depending on the city. Congrats! You are now a Sanchin-ka, a student of Sanchin-Ryu karate!

Visit Any Class

2 All Sanchinkas can visit any Sanchin-Ryu class for $1. Simply bring one donation dollar to any class and give it to the instructor. These donated dollars are used to help families who may not otherwise be able to afford Sanchin-Ryu.

Attend Events

3 Still hungry for more? Excellent! Sanchin-ryu offers many annual events spread throughout the year. From Winter Retreat, to Campout, and even Chief Grandmaster's Dojo, there is an event for all ages and ranks.