DVD Level Three (Purple)


The third video in The Art of Sanchin-Ryu DVD home training series, Level 3: Purple Belt. Never before has the forms of Naihanchi and Wansu been instructed at such great depth in this format. With a run time of almost 90 minutes, this video is sure to inspire even the most experienced in Sanchin-ka!  Plus, get an introduction to Sanchin-Ryu’s fifth form: Geri.



Lessons include:

  1. Titles/Introduction
  2. Form of Naihanchi Introduction
  3. Form of Naihanchi Section 1
  4. Sweep Step
  5. Form of Naihanchi Section 2
  6. Follow-Along
  7. Form of Naihanchi Positioning practice
  8. Kicking from Hidden Foot stance practice
  9. The Form of Naihanchi’s Sweep Kick application study
  10. Form of Wansu Section 1
  11. Form of Wansu Section 2
  12. Form of Wansu Section 3
  13. The form of Wansu’s “Dump” technique explained in great detail
  14. Cross-Over Heel Thrust application study
  15. Form of Wansu Follow-Along
  16. Low-Cat stance application study
  17. Form of Wansu Positioning Practice
  18. Introduction to the form of Geri

And special Bonus material from the Sanchin-Ryu Online Dojo:

  1. Sweep Step with Hand-to-Hand
  2. Advanced Sweep Step combination
  3. A different perspective, and additional in-depth details on Wansu Dump
  4. Using the Wansu Dump to escape a head-lock